My Week In Photos September 25th – October 1st 2016 + September Round-up


It’s time for the September 25th – October 1st photo round-up! This week has been very low key. I took time for myself this week and got a good deal of studying in. Overall it was a pretty good week.


The mentoring program I just started volunteering for had its training this week. I am super excited to start working with them this semester.

I also walked around a lot more this week in an attempt to strengthen my ankle.















It was cold this week I did not know how to dress. I went to the hair salon Friday and ended up buying a sweater because I was so cold. I met up with a friend – who got a matching sweater! –  and we got waffles and coffee to close out the week.


















My mom’s birthday was Saturday and we all went out for dinner at Sylvia’s; a soul food restaurant. We have been there a few times, but we had a really great time this visit.













Since it is the end of the month I thought I would do a recap of the month.

  • My ankle is healing nicely. I have to do physical therapy for the next 6 weeks and get check-ups to track my progress. I can walk normally now, but I just have to make sure I am not overdoing it. So I make sure to rest it, ice and elevate it.
  • I figured out a plan for the MCAT so I am less stressed about that. I am taking it in the early Spring and have been working on following a study plan.
  • Although I got a lot of work done and was very productive, I did not get a lot of sleep. So I am making it a goal to get more sleep in October.

How was your week? 

– Tatyana x


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