My Week In Photos September 18-24, 2016


When this week started I was pretty uneasy. I had my first exam of the semester – in Genetics – and was very nervous about it. I was not sure how to prepare for it which was very annoying. Plus I have to wake up super early to get to ride to school from my Dad because I can’t walk around too much on my ankle. That also means I have to wait at school till he can get me. So my days were very long and spent in one spot of the library. I never realized how much I love to move around and liked a change in my scenery until I could not go to another desk without feeling like my foot was going to snap off.

Luckily the sunsets this week were very beautiful and made all my troubles seem trivial in the grand scheme. Although my days were long and tiring waking up early really motivated me to get a lot of work done, which then made me feel really good about my week. I took my test on Tuesday. I thought it was good, but I could have done so much better. I am happy now though, because I know her exam style now.

On Wednesday I treated myself to a gel manicure. I had a long break and really needed to destress. My ankle was getting a lot better and I was able to cover a lot more ground on campus. The salon is right next to my school so I took the 15 minutes as a break from studying. I got mood colored nails which go from aqua to deep blue depending on the temperature of my hands. It has been a lot of fun watching some fingers turn colors.

The week ended with Movie Night on the Quad. At the beginning of each semester, my school does this and we vote for the movie they play. They played Finding Dory and I felt like I was eight again. It was my first time going to actually watch the movie and I had a great time with my friends. It was a nice way to end the week.



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