Fall 2016 Semester Goals

Fall Semester Goals Title

Fall semester has officially started!! This semester I am making it a point to work harder and smarter to achieve my goals. So I sat down and wrote them out to make them more official.

By the end of the Fall 2016 semester, I plan to …

  1. Improve my GPA.
  2. Stay on top of deadlines with my Odyssey articles.
  3. Manage my time so I can study without sacrificing essential sleep hours.
  4. Grow my AMWA chapter’s member list and improve our events.
  5. Take time for me to reenergize and explore my surroundings.
  6. Increase audience of my blog and Odyssey articles.
  7. Network with other bloggers.
  8. Work towards embracing a healthier lifestyle.
  9. Take breaks from school and work to mentally recharge.
  10. Avoid stressful or toxic people and activities.
  11. Get into a research lab that I will both enjoy and learn from.
  12. Post consistently on this blog and its social media accounts.
  13. Get on a budget.
  14. Bring lunches from home to save time and money.
  15. Start savings and preparing for my trips next semester.

What are your goals for this semester? Comment below and let’s keep each other accountable.

Tatyana x


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