How to Manage Syllabus Week

Ah, syllabus week. There are so many memes and quotes out there praising the short time professors take to review the syllabus and no work is assigned. After reading the title of this post you are probably thinking, Tatyana syllabus week is super easy. All you need to do is relax. Well, I like to start the semester right by getting organized from day one. Here are some things I like to do during syllabus week.

Ways to start the semester

Make a sheet

Write all your professors names, contact info, and office hours in one place. Making a page in your planner or binder is a great way to organize info and quickly refer back to throughout the semester.

Tip: When you are having a busy day; or very often month, you may forget to stop by office hours. Try scheduling office hours in your phone’s calendar and adding reminders.

Get started on assignments

During syllabus week some professors give intro readings or assignments that will not be graded. Do them! They are great ways to become familiar with the material and show your professor that you are ready to get to work. Plus, without the pressure of the grade you can complete them stress free.

Get your books

Early in the week try to get all of your textbooks and materials, print your readings, and organize your notes for classes. You don’t want assignments and discussions to start before you even ordered your books.

Tip: Some professors have specific requirements for your notebooks. For books that will be collected at the end of the term try keeping a separate book. Organize and transfer your notes to them neatly so they look great.

Start planning

Take the time to organize all assignment due dates and exams into your calendar. Let’s face it. Some days you will be forget to look at your syllabus, or you will mix up due dates. I like to take 30 min after I get all my syllabi and write out all my deadlines into the monthly calendar of my planner.

Tip: Make an assignment calendar in excel and put it in the front of your binder. Every time you open you binder you will see what you need to start working on.

Make a schedule

During the summer your schedule was probably very different. Now it’s time to wake up early for 8am lectures. Start getting on a sleep schedule and setting aside time to read and review material. Once the semester goes into high gear, you will be managing your time like a pro.

Comment below with an tips you have to manage syllabus week.


5 thoughts on “How to Manage Syllabus Week

  1. These tips are great! I start putting dates in my planner as soon as I get my syllabus for each class! I love your idea about the contact sheet though — I am forever having to search around for my professor’s office hour info. I can’t believe I’m in my last year of college and haven’t thought of that before!


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