My Week in Photos July 31st – August 6, 2016

My Week in Photos (1)

The week of July 31st to August 6th was a very light one. I spent most of the week studying physics, but I took time to enjoy the little adventures I had throughout the week.


I started the week by meeting up with one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in a while. We took a stroll through Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park. I always knew the Brooklyn Museum was super aesthetic, but I realized how beautiful the garden looked when I decided to sit facing a different direction than usual.


This was the last week of my brother’s summer football practices. I am already starting to miss sitting with my “football buddies” at the end of the field, but I am really happy that I will be going to bed earlier next week.


Friday night we went bowling to support my brother’s football team. I served as entertainment as I cannot bowl to save my life, and I even fell into my lane once, (proud klutz at your service). Overall, it was a great night of laughs, bowling, and nachos.

We ended the week by going to see Suicide Squad, which I have been dying to see since the Comic Con trailer came out last year. I enjoyed the movie, but I did not enjoy the theater we tried out, so I am contemplating seeing it again at my usual theater.

How was your week? How did you change things up from your norm? How did it work out for you?


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