Great Ways to De-stress

Great ways of Destress (1)

There is no shortage of stress in my life at any given moment. From studying for exams to keeping up with my writing deadlines to making sure my pets are up to date on their flea and tick medications I have a lot going on. That is why I make I take some much needed me time when I can.

 Take a Walk


Movement has always had a way of calming me down.A nice stroll really slows me down and lets me think things over and gain perspective. It is always a bonus if the scenery is calming or aesthetically pleasing like a park or boardwalk.

Get Creative


I don’t know about you but there is nothing that soothes me like getting creative. I love to journal, paint, write and I know my way around a hot glue gun. Recently, I even got into coloring books – and they really work. Whatever you choose being creative will let you blow off steam and feel extra special.

 Pamper yourself



Taking time out to treat yourself is always a good idea. This can include going to see that movie you waited months to see, listening to music, or going out – or staying in – for dinner. No matter how big or small the treat you will thank yourself for the extra love.



Reading has always been a large part of my life. While I do not get to do as much recreational reading as I used to it is still a great way for me to relax. I love leaving my problems behind to travel to distant lands and meeting both ordinary and extraordinary people alike from the comfort of my own chair.



This can be one of the most important tips in this list. The constant social media notifications and reminders of the work you need to do can be very stressful. Add on the fact that the screen is usually extremely bright making your eyes tired, but your brain working in overdrive. Give your eyes a break by dimming your screen, or better yet turning it off for a little bit each day will do wonders on both your mind and body.

Self care is super important no matter what deadlines you may have. What are some of the ways you relieve stress in a given day?  


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