My week in photos May 22-28, 2016

My Week in Photos (2)

This week is documenting my journey through finals week.


Today was my Physics final at 8am. I was so glad it was over I convinced two friends to come with my to the Central Library about 20 minutes from school to study. After studying we explored and found a great little cafe and a Paperchase. I couldn’t be happier, becuase I LOVE stationary.


Today was devoted to the Biochem exam coming up. I also went into to school to pick up my second Biochem exam since we finally got our grades back.


Today I had my Biochemistry final. Since it was at 6pm, I came to school at around 11am to study. During my breaks I walked around campus to get moving. Today was also the last day of exams, which was great. I made sure to take some time to relax after the exam.



Today I handed in my Intro to Women and Gender Studies essay. Due to bus troubles and issues with both my home printer and the school printer, I literally had to run to my professor’s office hand it in on time. Afterwards I got ice cream with friends and went to relax at the pond. When I was leaving I saw a possum which frightnened me at first, but then I felt bad since he was probably frightened by me as well.


Today I had to work on my Gender Construction in Caribbean History and Society paper. It was harder to write than I had expected so I decided to take extra time editing it. After submitting my paper I made hot chocolate and watched a movie to celebrate the end of finals.


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