My Week in Photos May 8-14th 2016

My Week in Photos



Monday – I finally found my id which had been in my close friend’s wallet the whole time – I know I don’t understand that one either. It was so nice out we spent a lot of time on the green spaces around campus. This semester I have learned to appreciate my campus for all the green they surround us with in the middle of the city.


Tuesday – After my only class of the day I studied for my upcoming Biochemistry exam. Then I went to the Suturing night hosted by my campus’s AMSA chapter. I love practicing suturing and learned two new stitches! We did the simple interuppted (I finally got tying a secure knot down!!), two-handed know tying, the horizontal mattress, the verical mattress.

Wednesday – I lost my calculator after Physics lab, but to make up for it I went to get samosas with my friends and we stumbled upon Mr. Softee. We spent all of our free time between classes on the quad while reading for class, studying, or eating. We ended the day going to our group Biochemistry tutoring session.


Thursday – I met a friend early to go over Biochemistry before my only class of the day. After class a group of my friends kept that spent the entire day outside catching up, studying, and enjoying the warm weather.


To end the week I kept the motto “Be Brave”. I primarily focused my time on studying for my Biochemistry exam and the last few assignments I have as the semester ends. I wanted to keep Be Brave in mind, because I will conquer my final exams, and my fears to seek opportunities and adventures this summer.


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