2016 Planner Organization


Last month I decided to change my school planner. Although I really enjoyed my current planner I just wanted something more goal oriented. This year I am enrolled in some pretty tough course, took a more active role in my clubs and organizations, and went on several trips which included academic conferences. As a result I wanted to start getting more  organized.

I like this planner because at the start of each month and week it includes a page with different to do lists for your goals. I really appreciate these pages because they let me see plan my month/week to remind me what is important for me within my planner instead of on my phone or in my email.

I color code my planner using a different color for each course I am taking, and for each area of my life. The colors allow me to organize my planner and find what I am looking for quickly. I have been doing this since middle school and I love it! I recently starting using stickers to organize my planner, but that is a personal preference. I like to personalize everything I own, and now that I have a white planner that has doubled my obsession.

Keep in mind that no matter how much you decorate your planner if you are not organized you will not get things done. The key to staying organized is not in fancy planner, but in actively thinking about your goals, thinking ahead, and sticking to your schedule while also being flexible.

Comment below with your tips on staying organized.



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