My Week in Photos April 3 – 9 2016

My Week

This post was a little late, but I hope these photos help to explain how busy most of my week was from April 3rd to 9th.

Last week I focused my time on studying for biochemistry and working on club events, which was not too exciting. I had also just gotten back from a conference and was getting back into my schedule and catching up on some work.



Tuesday I met with a friend for lunch. We hung out and worked on submitting forms for our club’s events.










I spent Wednesday studying biochemistry and trying to get ahead of the lecture. Although I was not as productive as I had hoped I still made it through a good portion of the material.








Every night when I go home I make sure to take the time to relax and soak in my day. Below is Ophelia watching youtube videos with me on Wednesday night.



Thursday I met up with some friends after class for lunch. We worked on some projects and went to a time management seminar hosted by our school.






Friday I spent the day studying and also visited my Dad’s job works. I studied a bit for my physics exam Monday but did not get through much material. I ended the day off by going out to dinner for my friends birthday and had a scrumptious chocolate ice cream crepe!!!!


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